Join a College Advisory Council

A college or university advisory committee formally organizes professionals selected from the community to provide expert advice and assistance to professional-technical programs. An advisory committee serves as an ongoing partner between the college, employers, and the community. It is designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills students learn are current with those needed in the workforce.

Generally, advisory committee members are expected to attend quarterly meetings, suggest agenda items, serve on subcommittees as requested, follow through on assignments and become an ambassador in the community.


For advisory committees to operate successfully, the following characteristics are expected of its members:


Offer advice, opinions, ideas and recommendations about the educational program in a manner that attempts to reach consensus on issues.


Provide pro-active responses to issues and projects based on thorough preparation prior to meetings.


Share professional expertise, balance the goals of the educational program and the profession, and maintain confidentiality where appropriate.


Make the committee a time priority, share information openly, and develop recommendations that benefit students, the program, and the college.