The Greater Nashville Technology Council

The Nashville Technology Council Foundation (NTCF) was established in 2013 to raise funds to support the education and workforce development efforts and programs of the Nashville Technology Council.


As an IRS designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the NTCF expands the opportunities of the Nashville Technology Council (NTC) 501(c)(6) to connect to a broader and more diverse group of funders in support of technology programs.

The mission of the NTC is to be the catalyst for the growth and influence of Middle Tennessee’s technology industry.

The NTC’s programs align with four pillars: connect, develop, promote and unite the Middle Tennessee tech community. It is under the “develop” pillar that the NTCF raises the necessary funds for the Nashville Technology Council’s education and workforce development programs.

The NTC team is the executing arm for the NTC Foundation programming. The management and governance of the NTC and NTCF is intentionally shared. The Executive Director of the NTCF is also the Chief of Staff for the NTC. The NTCF Board Chair is the CEO & President of the NTC. Approximately 25 percent of the NTCF Board of Directors are also members of the NTC Board of Directors.

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