Meet Our Apprentices


David was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in September 2019.  David desired occupation is Network Security Administrator.  David has served on the United States Air Force and has since retired in 2009.  During his time in the Airforce, David was a system administrator on the government’s propriety system and worked the IT Help Desk.   During his military contract, David acquired a conceptual overview of system architecture as well as the soft skills of being a good communicator, following protocol and procedures, and a great team player.  After David retired from the Air Force, he was challenged with instability in his life.  He has been unemployed and homeless for 7 months.  This has been only a temporary setback for David.  In the last year, he has worked two jobs (shuttle driver and restaurant dish washer) to secure housing and a vehicle.  His determination is strong to get his life “back on track” and feels grateful to the ApprentiTN program to provide him with this opportunity to be reintroduce to the IT field and gain more skills.  David’s hope is at the end of his apprenticeship that he will be afforded a Network Security Administrator position at a local company in Nashville. When David isn’t working, he enjoys reading, playing Texas hold’em and watching movies. 


Ian was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in October 2019.  Ian’s occupation is Systems Administrator.  Ian has worked many years in the restaurant business.   Over the years, Ian was cross trained in many positions for he was flexible, and a quick learner filled with tenacity.   Ian developed the soft skills of being a good leader and with the ability to solve problems independently.  Ian is grateful that the ApprentiTN program has offered him an opportunity to be educated in a field of his interest.  Ian added that he felt that becoming an “IT professional” would change his work from a job to a profession.  A profession that he said would make him “most proud.”   Ian’s hope is that he will become a System Administrator for a local company in Nashville.   When Ian isn’t working, he enjoys writing, reading and playing video games.   


James was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in January 2019.  James occupation is Network Security Administrator.  James has experience in sales; however, he wants to pursue a new career path in the Tech industry. He started to inquire about IT boot-camps in the Nashville area and could not find a plan that combined education with paid on-the-job training like ApprentiTN. James hopes that after the 1-year apprenticeship that he will transition to a fulltime employee at the hiring company. His valuable soft skills include being a strong communicator, adaptable, able to manage projects and time well. James current hobbies include golf, competitive running and dog training. James volunteers often at the Humane Society and at Nashville K9 


Micheal was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in September 2019.  His desired occupation is Network Security Administrator.  Micheal has a bachelor’s degree but is eager to learn valuable skills relevant to today’s market.”  He feels the ApprentiTN program will add new skills to his 20-year customer service experience and allow him to pivot to a new profession.  Micheal’s soft skills include clear and direct communication and independent problem solving.  He prides himself on being a continual learner.  Micheal hopes that the ApprentiTN program will give him the foundation to be able to enter into an IT role and to grow.  He views the ApprentiTN program as an opportunity to receive specific training in a field of interest that he believes that he will excel.   Micheal hopes to one day “pay it forward” by mentoring those wanting to learn more about computers. He enjoys writing music, photography and playing a competitive game of chess.   


Anton was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in January 2019.  Anton occupation is Network Security Administrator.  Anton is currently a lawyer; however, he wants to pursue a new career path in the Tech industry. He came across an article in the Tennessean detailing the ApprentiTN program and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to be introduced to the Tech world to successfully pivot to a new career. Anton has developed analytical and advocacy skills -both written and oral – as part of his legal career. His valuable soft skill includebeing able to clearly communicate complex ideas. Anton hopes to gain technical experience in the ApprentiTN program to propel him to a successful career in the sector. Anton is an avid reader of political theory and biographies. He enjoys time with family, friends and Tennessee football.   


Beth was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in October 2019.  Beth desired occupation is Network Security Administrator.  Beth is eager to learn the necessary skills to secure systems and data on all platforms.  She has experience in Project Management (Project Plus), HTML, Java script and has built several websites.   Her valuable soft skills include being a team player and a leader.  Her curiosity has also led her to study the computer’s hardware  learning the functionality of each working part.  It’s is this same curiosity that’s lead to one of Beth’s greatest asset – being a self-directive and an independent learner.  Beth hopes for the ApprentiTN program is to receive formal education in IT Infrastructure so that she can secure a position as a Network Security Administrator.  She views the ApprentiTN program as a generous opportunity to become an IT professional that she otherwise would not be able to financially or professionally achieve at this time.   When Beth isn’t in the cybersphere, she can be found with her young family hiking a trail in Tennessee, a place she happily calls home. 


Hayden was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in October 2019.  Hayden occupation is Network Security Administrator.  Hayden has served in the United States Army for 8 years and has since been medically retired.  During his time in the ArmyHayden developed the soft skills of being a good leader and was promoted to multiple ranks during his service.  Hayden learns quickly and is innovative in solving difficult issues.  He thinks out of the box and possess concept knowledge of network topologies.  Hayden is grateful that the ApprentiTN program has offered him an opportunity to grow his IT professional skills and work experience with a hiring partner.  Hayden’s hope at the end of his apprenticeship is to secure a Network Security Administrator position with a local company in Nashville.  When Hayden’s not using the keyboard to administer systems, he’s busy working on novels. David is a published writer and enjoys painting in his free time.   


Mike was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in January 2019.  His desired occupation is Software Analyst.   Mike is ready for a career change from machine manufacturing and thought the ApprentiTN program was a good fit to enter into information technology.  His valuable soft skills include being an excellent communicator, both written and verbal and being able to multitask.   Mike hopes that the ApprentiTN program will be “a good baseline knowledge to move forward with, and a way to get a foot in the door for this career path.”   He views the ApprentiTN program as a generous opportunity and he is very eager to start.  Mike enjoys working on classic cars, traveling and reading about future tech on the horizons.   


Sarah was successfully interviewed for the ApprentiTN program in October 2019.  Sarah desired occupation is Network Security Administrator.  Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Tennessee State University.  She is a single mother who stayed home the last 6 years to take care of her daughter.  She has IT experience in managing large telecom projects and is multi-lingual in Kurdish, Arabic and English.  Sarah was a L3 communication military advisor for the U.S. Army.   Her valuable soft skills include being an influencer to motivate and help people rise to their potential.  Sarah hopes for the ApprentiTN program is to receive formal education in IT Infrastructure so that she can return “back to the IT job market” to provide for her daughter.  She is grateful for the opportunity and said, “it will change the trajectory of my and my daughter’s lives.”   Sarah enjoys reading, traveling and gardening in her free time.