The NTC Foundation, in partnership with the Greater Nashville Technology Council, has launched Apprenti TN. It is the only program registered with the US Department of Labor & Industries designed to meet the technology industry’s specific workforce needs.

Apprenti TN, the first technology-focused apprenticeship program in Tennessee, is unlike internships or traditional job training options.  Apprenti TN combines paid on-the-job training and education with placement in highly skilled, salary-competitive occupations.  The program works with the tech industry to identify mid-tier jobs ready to be filled by highly competent people regardless of educational background.  Apprenti TN will actively recruit women, minorities, and veterans to aid in diversifying the tech industry, but everyone is eligible and encouraged to apply.

The Benefits of Apprenti TN Program:

Diversity: Apprenti TN is focusing on increasing diversity. Nearly 50% of applicants have been minorities, 50% veterans, and 25% women. They bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to help them make the leap to tech careers.


Pre-Screened Talent: Apprenti TN recruits candidates who demonstrate aptitude for tech occupations.  Apprenti TN staff pre-screen highly ranked candidates via phone and in-person before bringing the best to a company for an interview.  Companies choose their apprentices based on aptitude and cultural fit.


Trained & Tested Professionals:   Apprenti TN receive accelerated occupational training prior to beginning on-the-job training.  Companies train apprentices on the specific skills they need in order to contribute to company goals.


Compliance: Apprenti TN handles all state and federal registration and reporting so a company doesn’t have to.  A company simply assigns a mentor who has been in a similar job for at least two years.  Apprenti TN will consult with the mentor, monitor progress of the apprentice and satisfaction of the over program.


Retention:  A company can extend full-time offers to the fully trained apprentices once their apprenticeship is complete or as early as six months; however, retention is not required.


Cost Savings: Registered apprentice salaries are 60% of market rate, offsetting a company’s investment in on-the-job training.  Increases over the one year of apprenticeship increases based on proficiency.  This is a substantial savings on recruitment costs.

An Emphasis on Diversity

Apprenti TN has a mission to make the technology workforce more inclusive by targeting diverse populations.

Since Apprenti TN launched, nearly 50% of applicants have been minorities, 50% veterans, and 25% women.The program is open to all applicants, but recruitment efforts are focused around minorities, women, and veterans.